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The motorboat “Blue Dream” and the modular barge “GEO1”.

"Blue Dream"

A vessel owned by GeoPolaris srl, with certification of suitability for special services for use on its own, is equipped with high precision instruments.

Supplied with scientific high-technology instruments, it is ideal for performing bathymetric, sedimentological, geophysical, geo-morphological, magnetometric, and environmental surveys and monitoring coastal and open marine waters.

The vessel is equipped with an aft portal (with R.I.Na. approval) that allows the equipment to be placed in the sea and recovered in full safety.

Its reduced dimensions and high manoeuvrability facilitate use in port areas, causing a very low impact on maritime traffic.


  • Model: "Fisherman Fly" of Hatteras Yachts Co.
  • Length: 13.03m overall
  • Length: 3.89m maximum beam
  • Gross tonnage 9.89t
  • International Identification: IZ 7882
  • R.I.Na. Number: 75880
  • Registration: 2LI2867 (Comp. Mar. Circ. of Port Santo Stefano)
  • Operations plan of Security: according to Law 271/99
  • Maximum number of passengers: 12 including crew

Instruments and equipment.

  • Two on-board computers for navigation and data recovery
  • Navichart AT11 Plotter with Navionics cartography
  • GPS served by Navichart Plotter
  • DGPS associated with navigation software
  • Radar Raytheon
  • Furuno model FCV-581 Sonar
  • Sailing rigs
  • Equipment for underwater operations
  • Auxiliary craft for personal transport



Equipped to reach areas with very limited depth in the open sea or in inland waters, the barge “GEO1” can assume any form, being comprised of modules measuring 100cmx50cmx40cm, each weighing 11.5kg.

It is essential for operations and activities in very shallow water. 


  • Dimensions: the current dimensions of “GEO1” are 6mx5m for a total of 30m2, with a weight of 700kg.

  • Tonnage and draught: with a tonnage of 200kg/m2, its immersion is only 10cm for a load of 1500kg

  • Mobility: transporting “GEO1” is very economical, given the ease of disassembly and assembly. The total volume of the modules is 12m3.


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